Vicki's Journey

I feel like I’m Superwoman.”

Vicki’s breasts had lost some of their natural shape during breastfeeding – something not uncommon among mothers. So once she was finished with nursing, her desire to return to her body to its pre-pregnancy shape led her to have a breast augmentation.

However, she was never truly happy with the results of her previous operation; feeling like her confidence had taken a hit. Then later, as she approached a new life stage she saw it as a perfect time to fix how they looked and improve they way she felt about herself.

Despite her openness and a love she has for kids, she considered herself a bit of a “wallflower” before. For her the results of the surgery were instant both emotionally and physically. She immediately began feeling more like herself around other people. Today she enjoys taking life more lightly and feels like she no longer worries about the little things. When describing her boost in confidence she says glowing, “I feel like I’m Superwoman.”

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