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Complete care from beginning to end

As an experienced surgical provider, we understand there’s more to a breast or body procedure than just the surgery itself. Achieving the best outcome requires thoughtful planning that should occur well before surgery day followed by an unmatched attention to care that extends beyond it. We’ve made this our commitment to every patient by proudly offering them our Re. Care Surgery Program. This comprehensive plan has been structured around the complete patient experience from preparation, to procedure and recovery, to ensure every step of the journey is as comfortable as possible.

What sets our program apart?

Included in your surgical fee:

• MENTOR® breast implants (breast augmentation procedures)
• Hospital stay accommodation
• Theatre time
• Anaesthetic fees
• Silicone tape roll and gel for scarring
• Post-operative garments
• An antiseptic body wash to use prior to your surgery to decrease the risk of infection
• Follow-up consultations for 4 months following surgery
• Laser treatments for scarring x2
• Re. Diet weekly meal planner and shopping list
• Re. Dex pre-op drink to reduce hunger pains and dehydration of fasting
• Re. Fit personal training consultation
• Tote bag
• VIP discount card for non-surgical treatments


To prepare for your surgery and recovery, you will be scheduled for a pre-operative appointment approximately 2 weeks prior to surgery.

At this appointment, our Practice Nurse will discuss your pre-operative instructions, answer any questions you may have and fit you for your surgical garment.

You will be given your tote bag which includes silicone tape roll & gel, surgical garments, pre-operative drink sachet, post-operative instructions, diet & exercise information.

Re. Diet

We encourage you to eat well before and after surgery. A hydrated, healthy and well-balanced diet provides your body with the fuel it needs to recover as quickly as possible. Our weekly menu meal planner and shopping list recommendations are included in your pack.


Please Note: The Re. Care Program is only available to breast and body patients.

Re. Dex

Patients are provided with a liquid meal that is safe to have before an anaesthetic. It eliminates the usual hunger and thirst that precedes surgery. It also transforms the body into a state of “building” rather than “breaking down” protein which helps your body repair itself as soon as surgery finishes.

Re. Fit

Complimentary consultation and assessment with our partner personal training studio in Toorak offering patients a medically approved exercise program (separate fee) customised to specifically support recovery and decrease your downtime.


Follow up is a necessary part of your post-operative recovery program. It’s most important to attend all of your review appointments as scheduled which are typically at:

• Week 1
• Week 2
• Week 6
• Week 16

Full-time nursing staff are always available for post-operative concerns or at other times as required, by appointment.

Wound management

Silicone wound dressings and silicone gels are best for after-surgery scar care. Studies have shown that silicone can help reduce scarring. Silicone tape and gel are provided as part of your pre-surgery consultation.

Scar management

At weeks 8 and 12 (post-surgery), we offer a complementary non-invasive laser treatment with our Dermal Clinician. This treatment is included in your procedure fee and will aid and assist in the healing process. The treatment is relatively painless and quick with no downtime.

VIP Card

A Re. VIP card redeemable for discounts on non-surgical treatments including skin rejuvenation and injectables for six months following surgery.