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Mommy Makeover And Postpartum Plastic Surgery

10th January 2018 by Dr Richard Bloom
Mommy Makeover And Postpartum Plastic Surgery


The act of carrying a child brings many women joy, but after giving birth, it can be difficult for new mothers to get back into shape. This has prompted more women to choose to have a ‘Mommy Makeover’, making it one of the most popular plastic surgery trends. So, what exactly is it?


Well, for one, the term ‘makeover’ is a bit misleading as it can actually be more restorative than reconstructive. This is because this combination of procedures, usually addressing the breast and abdomen, are intended to rejuvenate and regain a woman’s figure after the changes experienced from pregnancy and/or breast feeding.


The driving force behind getting a mommy makeover is to get the body back to where it was before having kids. One of life’s greatest joys can unfortunately bring adverse changes to a woman’s physique. Even once they’ve returned to their pre-pregnancy weight, mothers can still find themselves struggling with their figure.


During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and skin tissue that have expanded for child birth don’t always go back to where they were pre-pregnancy. This can result in loose skin, stretch marks, bulging abdomen and loss of youthful shape and size of the breasts. While some of these effects can be addressed with vigorous exercise and disciplined eating, many unfortunately cannot.


The combo of surgeries that make up a mommy makeover are varied. It typically involves a breast surgery, such as a breast lift, reduction or augmentation, and a tummy tuck with muscle repair and/or liposuction. Most can be done safely at the same time and planned to fit into busy parenting and work schedules and active lifestyles. A major benefit being only one recovery period.


Anyone who’s gone through child birth, particularly multiple child births, and desires to regain the body that reflects the way they feel, should consider a mommy makeover. However, before any surgery is performed, the individual must be in good health and have a maintainable weight. It’s smart to wait until finished having children, otherwise results are likely to be compromised. As part of the consultation, a plan is customised to each patient’s needs, goals and anatomy to help determine the most appropriate surgical approach.

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