Thorough skin checks and treatment

Convenient options for regular skin checks and procedures are available without requiring a GP referral.

Skin Cancer Monitoring

Cancer Monitoring

Body Photography / Skin Cancer Treatment

Dr Lisa Freeman can provide a thorough all-over skin check, biopsies of any suspect lesions, total body photography to assist in the detection of changing lesions, as well as perform minor procedures such as curettage or shavings.

You do not need a referral to see a Skin Cancer GP. Where necessary, Dr Lisa Freeman can provide priority referrals to a Re. Plastic Surgeon for suspected or diagnosed skin cancer or where lesions need to be removed from cosmetically sensitive areas.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment

Re. Plastic Surgeons, Dr Richard Bloom and Dr Kim Taylor are available for patients requiring more extensive skin cancer treatment. However, it is necessary to have a referral from your GP or dermatologist.

Your Re. surgeon will discuss the best option for treatment during your consultation. Where possible, procedures can be performed in the consulting rooms immediately following your consultation. If skin cancer treatment is to be done in hospital, your surgeon will advise you of this.