Carli's Journey

Rather than wait, I went for it and the results exceeded expectations.”

A proud mother of three, Carli’s pregnancies coupled with the subsequent weight gain had taken its toll on her lower abdomen. “Despite regular exercise, I became really hung up on my tummy,” she says. But she also knew that she wasn’t alone in her struggle with what she calls her ‘tummy pouch’, and that many women had successfully lost theirs with a simple tummy tuck.

Between being a busy mum, working part time and maintaining an active lifestyle, Carli has always devoted her time to others. So when it came to having the surgery, she decided this was something she wanted to do for herself.

“Rather than wait, I went for it and the results of my tummy tuck exceeded expectations,” she says without any hesitation.

Post-surgery, she has a newfound confidence and is happy to show off her stomach to anyone who asks about her surgery. She says she can now confidently wear tighter-fitting clothes and walk into the shops and pick what she wants. Now she can’t wait for her next big shopping spree. Her eyes are set on a new pair of bathers for an upcoming wedding in Thailand.

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