Xena's Journey

How much better I feel is what I want people to notice.”

Looking back fondly on her school years, she always enjoyed being thin and athletic. But as time passed, her body shape changed in ways that contradicted her active and outgoing personality. Efforts to lose weight and an improved diet left her body with sagging skin she wasn’t happy with.

Having a breast augmentation gave her the renewed confidence she was looking for. A conservative by nature, she’s kept the fact she’s had the surgery mostly to herself but admits being more comfortable with her appearance.

One noticeable difference, she says, is how clothes fit her after the procedure.

The added confidence she’s experienced has carried over into other areas of her life, like allowing her to feel more comfortable around her friends while seeking greater adventure. She’s even built up the courage to go skydiving next – something her pilot-in-training husband isn’t as thrilled about.

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