Montana's Journey

I’m not one to let a fixable problem get in my way.”

As a young woman with a bright future ahead of her, she felt like a negative body image was holding her back. Wanting to improve her self-image, she’d hoped a breast augmentation would correct the naturally occurring asymmetry of her breasts.

This was something she was prepared to deal with in order to move forward with her life. Initially, she didn’t realise how much more confident she had become after the surgery. Now as she looks back, she sees it as a gradual process of coming into her own.

This positive experience has motivated her to be more proactive in other areas of her busy life. Focused on her future and understanding what a transformation like this can make, she’s set her sights on becoming a cosmetic surgeon once she’s finished her nursing studies. Her hope is to help others feel as confident as they can be.

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