Lucinda's Journey

Surgery wasn’t about moving on, but moving forward.”

After overcoming the ovarian and bladder cancer she’d suffered from a young age, Lucinda’s treatment and numerous keyhole surgeries had unfortunately left her with abdominal scarring and a disfigured navel. She was healthy, but full physical recovery would be something that she would have to take into her own hands. So, after first losing 55kg, Lucinda then decided to address her scarring and excess skin with an abdominoplasty – a brave decision you could be forgiven for thinking, given the amount of surgeries she’d already been through in her life. But Lucinda says it was easy.

“To be able to choose to do something for yourself versus being dictated by test results; that was really liberating,” she says. “It wasn’t about moving on, it was about moving forward.”

After the procedure, Lucinda’s body began to more accurately reflect how she truly felt on the inside. Always bold, bubbly and brave in person, with each day that passed after her abdominoplasty, Lucinda felt the hidden insecurities begin to disappear too. “A whole part of my mind was now freed up to concentrate on other things – like getting back to running,” she says.

Today, Lucinda is truly comfortable and confident in her own skin. When we last spoke she was eager to get into a new pair of bathers she bought for a weekend in Sydney and she laughs when asked about her friends. She’s truly at ease with who she is, believing all experiences – good or bad – are equally a part of her. Lucinda’s not looking to leave anything behind, and it’s inspiring.

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