Our Story

For Re. founders Richard Bloom and Kim Taylor, the idea of starting their own practice was born out of a shared vision of what the future of plastic surgery could look like. After working together for nearly a decade in one of Australia’s largest and busiest plastic surgery practices, they knew they could offer something not available elsewhere in the industry.

We believe Re. is the first practice to focus on establishing relationships with patients and understanding their goals to achieve the results they truly desire.

An inclusive and consultative approach is taken in everything we do. Regularly sharing surgical ideas, operating together and critically appraising each other’s work ensures our patients get the best possible care. This extends to our Cosmetic Physician Dr Lisa Freeman and Dermal Clinician Rachel Riley. Together they’ve expanded Re.’s services to cover non-surgical procedures resulting in a fully integrated practice.

Partnerships with hospitals, medical professionals and other providers also maintain Re.’s active involvement within the ever-changing industry.

Re. means great care, professionalism, teamwork, expertise, confidence, and ethics all within a calm, welcoming and private environment for our patients.