So this can happen with a breast augmentation where the implant is too big for the soft tissue envelope or where the inframammary fold is not repaired adequately. It also happens in some patients who just have poor quality tissues. I also think that is more common in smooth implants. The appearance is where the underboob is unnaturally long. Another giveaway is where the scar is sitting on the undersurface of the breast rather than in the fold. The treatment is to change to a shorter height implant and to reinforce the inframammary fold onto the chest wall.

The other time I see it is with the lollipop breast reduction. This technique avoids a scar in the inframammary fold at the expense of shortening the underboob. It’s not so much a complication of the procedure but more the look that technique results in. Most of our patients want very little under boob and no breasts sitting on their chest wall. The no bra look. If you are looking at lollipop breast reductions, you’ll also notice that the nipples all look a bit low. That is to try and reduce the amount that is bottomed out. My view is to not compromise the shape to minimize scars.