This is the most common request that I get in women asking for breast augmentation. So, what does a natural breast look like? Firstly, the upper pole have a nice, smooth takeoff. Second, is a nice curve to the lower pole of the breast. Thirdly, you have in-proportion cleavage lines and finally, there’s no visible signs of the implant. These are the steps I take to ensure we get the most natural breast possible. Firstly, I use an implant that fits within the soft tissue envelope of that patient’s breast and dimensions. That is, an implant that’s not too wide, too tall, or too big. Second, I use a teardrop implant. They allow the best possible cleavage without causing too much fullness in the upper pole or the lower pole. Thirdly, I place the implant in a dual plane pocket. This helps camouflage, particularly the upper pole of the implant. Finally, in thin patients, I use fat grafting to help camouflage the implant and avoid any visible wrinkles or ripples.