This is definitely the look that many of my patients now are trying to achieve. This not only applies to breast augmentation patients, but also with breast reduction patients as well. What it requires is a stable breast shape with the breast tissue sitting at or above the fold with an emphasis on the medial curve of the breast. In a breast augmentation, we achieve that by using anatomic implants. This is often a high-profile implant with an implant that’s wide enough to fill the chest but not too tall that it causes that obvious step-off at the top of the breast. The anatomic implants are great in this respect because we can use an implant that’s wider than it is tall. Also, the anatomic implants have a firmer formed stable gel that will help control the shape of the breast, which the softer gels just can’t do.

The next step is to tailor the muscle coverage so that the muscle is controlling the position of the implant and pushing them into the cleavage. This is referred to as custom dual plane. For women wanting this look, it’s usually a medial custom dual plane. This is where we release more of the breast tissue off the muscle in the medial part of the lower pole, which then helps angle the muscle so that it’s pushing inward. The final finessing comes from using fat graft in the cleavage area. By using fat here, we can add up to another centimeter to the cleavage lines and help create more cleavage.