Okay, this is the question of the day. It’s really important to take the advice of your surgeon. Sometimes women want breast implant volumes that just do not fit in the soft tissue envelope of their breasts. This can lead to some disastrous short and longterm results. It’s important to understand that just because you see a certain volume of breast implant in a photo that you like, doesn’t mean it will give you the same result. Choosing the right size implant to achieve the shape and size that you want is a complex interplay between breast and chest dimensions, soft tissue constraints, and pre-existing breast tissue.

Now, I’m generalising here, but it’s usually the situation of a patient wanting something bigger than I can achieve with a reliable result. The problems this can lead to are bottoming out, double bubble, symmastia, too much side boob, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain. In general, there will be an implant that can get you the look that you’re after, but occasionally it’s just not realistic and you should take the advice of your surgeon.