Tuberous breast is a constriction of the base of the breast, as well as one or more of the following: high inframammary fold, areola hypertrophy, pseudo herniation of tissue through the areola, ptosis, hyperplasia or breast asymmetry. Advanced forms of tuberous breasts are obvious. However, the diagnosis of more minor forms of tuberous breasts requires experience. If it’s not addressed as part of your breast augmentation, it can seriously compromise your result.

Treatment of tuberous breasts involves using a variety of techniques depending on the severity, including some or all of the following. Firstly, release of the constructed base. Next, lowering of the inframammary fold and restoring a normal nipple to inframammary fold distance. Thirdly, correction of herniated breast tissue. Then reduction of the size of the areola, augmentation of breast volume when necessary, and finally, correction of any associated breast asymmetry.