We’ve put together the Re. Care Pack to ensure that you get the best possible recovery. What’s included? Firstly, you get a Re. Drink bottle. Next, there’s an antibacterial body wash. We get patients to use that before surgery to decrease the bacterial count on their skin and decrease the risk of infection. There’s an isotonic drink, which you can have on the morning of your surgery and it’s still safe for the anesthetic. You get a Re. bra, which is put on at the end of the operation, you wake up with it in recovery.

All of our patients get a VIP card for our non-surgical services. You also get a consultation with a personal trainer to give you an idea of what sort of exercises can be done after your surgery. Of course, all of our patients get laser scar treatments at eight weeks and 12 weeks. We’ve put this package together to ensure that you get the best possible result.