Not All Surgeons are Plastic Surgeons

Considering a cosmetic procedure? You NEED to know this!

One of the most common questions we get asked is what is the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a “cosmetic surgeon”.

In Australia we are in a peculiar situation, which is largely historic, that allows any doctor with a basic medical degree to call themselves a surgeon. It often comes as a surprise to people when they learn how relaxed our laws are regarding who can pick up a scalpel and operate.

Often times these are doctors who applied for entry into plastic surgery training but were unsuccessful or failed at their training. That is, they did not reach the high standards expected of a plastic surgeon in Australia. Most of these doctors will refer to themselves as a cosmetic surgeon. As they are not allowed to call themselves as a specialist Plastic Surgeon. The resulting situation has led to a great amount of confusion for patients as to the level of training and competency of the medical practitioner in front of them.

To make matters worse, the majority of “cosmetic surgeons” perform plastic surgery operations in non-accredited facilities. Often with disastrous results and outcomes.

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