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Breast Augmentation

Whether breast feeding or weight loss have you dreaming of your former chest or you just want a brand new look, we’ve got you covered.

Is A Breast Augmentation Right For Me?


A breast augmentation is ideal for increasing volume and size, especially if pregnancy, weight loss, breastfeeding or aging have left them looking to deflated and sagging.


Asymmetrical or uneven breasts are completely normal for nearly all women but it can cause problems when buying bras and clothes. A breast augmentation can correct and balance breast size.


Breast shape is a personal choice. Whether you are looking to correct sagging or address tubular conditions, breast augmentation can create either a more natural or an elevated breast shape.


It has been proven that breast augmentation surgery can significantly increase self-confidence and productivity. Following surgery, women have reported experiencing a more positive outlook.

What Does A Breast Augmentation Journey Look Like?

1 hour

A Relaxed, No Obligation Consultation

Every procedure starts with a private, no commitment conversation with either Richard or Kim. We want to know your dream body and how we can help you reach them.

1-2 weeks

Book and Prepare for your Surgery

When you’re ready, we’ll book in your procedure. We know this an exciting transformation so we promise to be there every step of the way, from pre-surgery consults, check ins with your surgeon all the way to post-op laser and LED appointments with our dermal therapist.

1 day

Day Of Procedure

It’s here! You’ll wake up in the recovery bay, feeling swollen but comfortable. You’ll be wearing your complimentary post-surgical bra for optimal healing and settling of the implants. Most patients stay in the hospital for about 2-3 hours after waking up.

6-8 weeks

Your Recovery Journey

The first few days may be a little uncomfortable but will be controlled with pain medication. You can begin to ease back into light physical activities after 2 weeks.

Start your journey

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Not quite sure? here’s some common questions …

How long do implants last?

Modern breast implants can last many years and may never need to be replaced. Forget what you’ve heard about implants needing to be replaced at 10 years. At Re. we only use Mentor breast implants. We believe, because of their commitment to safety, feel and shape, as well as their record of excellence in the industry, these are the highest quality implants available.

How do we choose the size of my implant?

Most importantly, we’ll discuss what size and shape of implants will best suit your body type.

The first thing your surgeon will discuss with you is your breast goals. Do you want a natural shape, round appearance or subtle increase? A breast enlargement or a breast enhancement. Then your surgeon will examine your breast and chest dimensions and present a number of options.

At Re. we then use the latest 3D simulation software to give you an accurate guide as to what your implants will look like on your own photos, which you will also be able to access after your consultation.

Finally, we will show you what the size implant actually looks like and you get to try it on under your clothes.

Should I go over or under the muscle?

Everybody’s different. We’ll look at how much breast tissue you naturally have, particularly in your upper pole. Then we take into consideration the size of implant you have chosen and discuss your personal preference and lifestyle activities. Based on all of this we will recommend the best placement for you.

Will I be able to breastfeed?

Yes, most women can still breastfeed after breast surgery. It is important to note, however, up to 40% of women are unable to breast feed even without a breast augmentation.

How much time should I take off work?

It really depends what sort of work you do. If your work is largely office based, you can often return within a week. If your job is more physical, you may need a couple of weeks.

The results

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R Before


R After


Pre Op


Breast Augmentation 6 Months Post Op


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Ec After


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Jb After


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Why Re.?


  • At Re., you’ll be in the hands of superbly skilled plastic surgeons who are at the top end of their profession.
  • Specialists in breast and tummy surgery.
  • Members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.


  • Re. Care Surgery Program
  • You’ll have all of your procedures conducted in accredited hospitals that meet strict Australian health standards.
  • You’ll be better prepared for the surgery, and cared for afterwards.
  • You’ll receive laser treatment, as part of your package, to reduce the signs of scars.


  • You’ll have discreet, one-on-one consultations with your surgeon.
  • Luxurious rooms considered Melbourne’s best.

Breast Augmentation Price

  • Surgeon’s Fee $11,000.
  • T&C’s apply.
  • A formal quotation will be provide during your consultation. 

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