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Welcome to Re.

Your breast,
body contour and
tummy tuck experts

The start of a new look. A new you.

We’re big believers in body confidence and helping our patients achieve their dream bodywhatever that looks like for you.

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Members of Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS)

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Flowers from our gorgeous patients helping us forget about lockdown 🌹💐🌻

We can’t wait to be back performing surgery next week, we miss you!


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It's officially breast reduction week at Re. ✅

Join us on Facebook tonight at 7:30 while Dr Bloom unpacks the 10 most common breast reduction questions


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Us preparing for a cozy night in *another* lockdown... 🥲

Stay safe Melbourne! We'll see you soon 💕


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breast augmentation re. plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

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breast reduction re. plastic surgery


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tummy tuck re. plastic surgery


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Mummy makeover re plastic surgery

Mummy Makeover

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Why Re.?



  • We use best-practice, accredited hospitals, partnering with specialist anaesthetists.
  • Exclusive pre and post-operative program to aid recovery.
  • Laser treatments to reduce the signs of scars.


  • Best facilities in Melbourne.
  • Luxury and comfort with industry leading technology.
  • Discreet, face-to-face meetings with your surgeon.


  • There are no hidden costs:
  • The cost you’re quoted will be the price you pay.

The Re. Journey

Confidence from the first “hello”

Every part of the process is designed to make you feel more confident about the next part of your journey.

You’ll experience care from the moment you call, through the initial, hour-long consultation, the discretion shown throughout the process and the extra simple steps our people take to help you feel comfortable and confident with your post-operative care.

A personal experience

We believe the experience should be as personal as the choice you are making.

There is so much more involved than just a surgical procedure. It’s why, at Re. Plastic Surgery, we make it so much more than a clinical experience. We believe the better the experience, the more confident you’ll feel about your new look.

Comfortable, calming and private

Re. is a luxurious and quiet space where you can take a few calming breaths before you and your surgeon meet in a private consulting room.

It’s about feeling comfortable from the moment you arrive, while you make a very personal decision. Feeling no-one else matters but you.

The latest 3D mapping

Your surgeon will sit with you and create a personal journey map, with you.

We use the latest 3D mapping technology called Vectra, and interactive consulting software, Touch MD, to show what your body will look like.

We only perform surgeries at fully-accredited hospitals that meet strict Australian healthcare standards and only partner with experienced professionals who make you feel safe, confident and valued.

Feel confident about your new look

Re. are the breast and tummy experts.

From your initial one-hour consultation, and throughout the whole experience, you’ll be in the care of a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon who specialises in breast augmentation and tummy procedures. You’ll have someone there, sharing their incredible experience, to support every decision and provide care when you need it.

Our founders

Our founders, Dr Richard Bloom and Dr Kim Taylor, are both enormously experienced plastic surgeons who have played leading roles in the industry and are widely recognised for their ability.

They have created Re. because they believe, if someone wants to reshape their life, the experience should be as personal as the decision they’re about to make. So they’ve created an experience, at Re. unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

Start your journey

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Not quite sure? here’s some common questions …

Are there any hidden costs?

The cost we quote you will be the cost you pay.

With Re. there will be no unpleasant surprises. The cost quoted covers all consultations, pre-surgical preparation, surgical fee, anaesthetist costs, hospital costs, high-quality implants, post-operative garments and post-operative check-ups.

Are we discreet?

While your body will change, and people will notice, we don’t believe the world needs to know anything while you’re considering a change, or while you’re consulting prior to a procedure.

Does Re. offer any other extra sevices?

Re. also offers non-surgical procedures, to enhance your looks.

Beautiful supple skin, wrinkle-free brows, worry-free eyes, and younger smiles.

Our Cosmetic Physician Dr Lisa Freeman and Dermal Clinician Britta Thompson offer traditional skincare procedures, complemented by the latest technology.

This includes…

  • Facials
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • Skin resurfacing – which rebuilds the amount of collagen in your skin
  • Dermal fillers – which plump up the skin and add youthful volume lost over time
  • Anti-wrinkle treatments – which relax the muscles, removing frown lines, so your skin looks smoother and helps you look as confident as you’ll feel.
Where are we located?

Discreet, but easy to find.

You’ll find us at 3/36 Jackson Street, Toorak VIC 3142

One street back from the village. Off street parking is available at the back of the shopping centre.

TGA Review of Textured Breast Implants & ALCL

Because BIA-ALCL is rare, experts do not recommend preventative removal of breast implants where there are no problems with the implant. Until a decision is made by the TGA, all Mentor products will remain available for use in Australia.

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