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Breast Lift

Breast feeding, weight loss, weight gain and that pesky gravity can all leave breasts sagging and droopy, but a breast lift can take them back to where they belong.

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Is A Breast Lift Right For Me?


Get the girls back where they used to be and improve your neck and shoulder pain while you’re at. Just call us the breast sag busters.


A breast lift will raise the position of your nipple and tighten your breast shape, resulting in a fuller, perkier more youthful breast.


Sagging can often lead to asymmetrical breasts. A breast lift can easily fix this, even if it means only performing surgery on one breast.

INCREASED Confidence

If you like the general volume and size of your breasts but would feel more confident with a little oomf, a mastopexy could be the answer.

What is involved?

1 hour

A Relaxed, No Obligation Consultation

Every procedure starts with a private, no commitment conversation with either Richard or Kim. We want to know your dream body and how we can help you reach them.

1-2 weeks

Book And Prepare For Surgery

When you’re ready, we’ll book in your procedure. We know this an exciting transformation so we promise to be there every step of the way, from pre-surgery consults, check ins with your surgeon all the way to post-op laser and LED appointments with our dermal therapist.

1 day

Day Of Procedure

It’s here! You’ll wake up in the recovery bay, feeling swollen but comfortable. You’ll be wearing your complimentary post-surgical bra for optimal healing and settling of the implants. Most patients will spend the night in hospital. 

1-2 Weeks

The Early Days

The first few days may be a little uncomfortable but will be controlled with pain medication. You can begin to ease back into light physical activities after 2 weeks.

6-8 weeks

Your Recovery Journey

You would be back to your normal daily routine and enjoying your new shape. Normal post-operative bruising and swelling should be gone, and your scars will begin to fade and diminish. You are able to fully resume normal exercise.

At the end of this period you will have your first post-operative complimentary laser or LED scar treatment.

Start your journey

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Not quite sure? here’s some common questions …

Does a breast lift reshape the breasts too? Will they be “perkier” afterwards?

Short answer, yes! You may not even have to wear a bra if you don’t want to.

Will my nipples change? Will I be able to breastfeed and/or will my nipples lose feeling?

Yes, most women can still breastfeed after breast surgery. It is important to note, however, up to 40% of women are unable to breast feed even without a breast augmentation. That said it is usually an operation performed after you have finished breast feeding.

There is a small chance of losing sensation to the nipple, or even losing part or all of the nipple-areola itself, as a result of breast lift. We also reduce the size (diameter) of the areola along with the breast lift so the nipple is in proportion to the new breast size.

Does the surgery leaves scars? If so, will they go away?

All surgery leaves scars. Most scars will fade in time, about 6-12 months, but the scars will be there in some form forever. Some people make pale, thin scars, while others tend to make thicker scars. Breast scars are generally minimal and we use silicone taping and laser treatments to ensure you get the best possible scars.

A breast lift will leave a scar around the areola, (the darker skin around the nipple), one vertically (up-and-down) under the areola, and one horizontally (side-to-side) in the fold beneath the breast. These will typically be hidden by your bra after the surgery.

Are breast lifts covered by medical insurance?

Yes! But you need to meet certain criteria which we will discuss as part of your consultation.
The Medicare item number is 45558, so check with your insurance company if you are covered for this item number.

The results

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Why Re.?


  • You’ll be in the hands of highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeons at the top end of their profession.
  • 30 years combined experience and FRACS accredited.
  • Members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, peak industry bodies.


  • Re. Care Surgery Program
  • You’ll have your procedures conducted in hospitals that meet strict Australian health accreditation standards.
  • You’ll be better prepared for the surgery and cared for afterwards.
  • You’ll be given laser and LED treatment as part of your package to reduce the signs of scars.


  • Best facilities in Melbourne.
  • Luxury and comfort, with industry leading technology.
  • Discreet, face-to-face meetings with your surgeon.


  • Surgeon’s Fee $12,000
  • Upfront hospital costs vary and will be quoted in depth during your initial consultation. This fee could be lower if a patient has private health insurance or the surgery is deemed eligible for a medicare item number.
  • T&C’s apply.

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