Breast Lift and Augmentation

Rediscover the fun of living.

While age and gravity and life may have changed the shape of your breasts, there’s no rule saying you can’t change them back.

You can have breasts that sit higher, feel firmer and make *that* dress sit the way it’s meant to. 

You can read more about Breast Lift here.
You can read more about Breast Augmentation here.

Please note, while the procedures can be combined, we recommend conducting them as two separate procedures. This is widely considered to be a safer option and generally provides a superior result.

Your questions answered

Can these surgeries be combined?

We understand how exciting the prospect of a reshaped body can be and how quickly you want to get it over and done with, but combining these two procedures can be complicated and risky.

Performing two separate operations will significantly reduce the risks to you and reduce the chances of needing revisional procedures, but the pros and cons of each option for you will be discussed at your consultation.

How do I choose my implants?

Most importantly, we’ll discuss what size and shape of implants will best suit your body type.

The first thing your surgeon will discuss with you is your breast goals. Do you want a natural shape, round appearance or subtle increase? A breast enlargement or a breast enhancement. Then your surgeon will examine your breast and chest dimensions and present a number of options.

At Re. we then use the latest 3D simulation software to give you an accurate guide as to what your implants will look like on your own photos, which you will also be able to access after your consultation.

Finally, we will show you what the size implant actually looks like and you get to try it on under your clothes.

Should I go over or under the muscle?

Everybody’s different. We’ll look at how much breast tissue you naturally have, particularly in your upper pole. Then we take into consideration the size of implant you have chosen and discuss your personal preference and lifestyle activities. Based on all of this we will recommend the best placement for you.

Which is better tear drop or round implants?

There is no one perfect implant, just the perfect implant for each individual patient. Your choice will depend on your body type, the final look you’re after and your existing breast tissue. 

Can I get a natural look?

Yes. If this is your goal, we will work with you to ensure your breasts look as natural as possible.

How long do implants last?

Modern implants can last many years and may never need to be replaced. Forget what you’ve heard about implants needing to be replaced at 10 years. At Re. we only use Mentor breast implants. Their commitment to safety, feel and shape as well as their record of excellence in the industry makes them the highest quality implants available.

Do I need to sleep on my back?

After breast surgery you can sleep in whatever position you find most comfortable. Your breasts will feel slightly uncomfortable for two to three days after the surgery. This can usually be well-handled with normal painkillers.

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