Best Breast Implants for your Surgery?

Re Surgery Breast Augmentation Split 3

This is a very common question…

Deciding to undergo a breast augmentation is a big decision that requires you to make a lot of choices. Choosing the best implant size for your body is particularly important.

Additional painful and invasive surgeries can be completely avoided simply by choosing the most properly-fitting implant size for your body frame the first time around. The same implant size may end up as a C cup on one woman’s frame and a B cup on someone else’s

The question is better phrased as what is the best breast implant for me?

Breast implants come in all different shapes and sizes, but what is best for you depends on your aesthetic goals, your chest anatomy and your existing breast tissue. What works in one woman won’t necessarily achieve the same outcome in you.

So breaking it down, this is our approach at Re.

Firstly stick with reliable industry leading brands. We use and have only ever used Mentor breast implants. Mentor are the leading breast implant manufacturer in the world. They have the best safety record of any implant on the market and have decades of follow up showing their reliability. New players enter the market all the time, but until they have been used for decades, no one will really know the long-term outcomes.

Just a word on Silicone implants.

In the 1990s, silicone implants were vilified and eventually pulled off the market because of fears of a link to silicone implants and autoimmune disease. But after years of studies, no link was established between silicone implants and an increased instance of any systemic disease. In 2006, silicone breast implants were once again approved by the FDA for use in cosmetic breast augmentation, and they are now available to the general public. They were never removed from the market in Australia.

At Re. we only use silicone implants. The simple reason is they look better and feel better. Most importantly Silicone implants have a 50 year safety record.

Second, be clear with your plastic surgeon what your surgical goals are. The majority of our patients want a natural look, with nice cleavage and side boob. This is important to know when choosing an implant.

Next, we will measure your chest dimensions. In particular your breast width, and breast height as well as the distance from your fold to your nipple. We will also assess how much breast tissue you already have as well as your breast shape. These measurements and assessments all help us choose an implant that will be right for you.

Once we know your breast dimensions, we can choose an implant that will fit your breast, the final factor relates to how big you want to be and this determines the projection of the implant.

After our assessment and your input, there will be a relatively narrow range of implants to choose from. We use the latest in Vectra 3D imaging to simulate your predicted results, which you will get to see during your consultation, as well as at home via our secure patient portal.

If at this point you are still unsure, we have a range of implants which you can try on to see what they will look and feel like in clothing.

Finally, we sometimes recommend using a rice test at home, where you can fill up a stocking with various volumes of rice to give you even more comfort with your decision.

If at any point after your consultation with us, you wish to see us again to discuss your implants then we encourage you to come back and see us for a second consultation. It is important that you feel confident with your implant selection before your surgery.