Find Out What Your Breasts Could Look Like Before Deciding On Surgery

Breast Augmentation Before After


For anyone undergoing a breast augmentation, there’s a great deal of uncertainty about what the results will look like. What if they end up being too big – or too small? What if they don’t match the shape of your body?

In the past, popular methods for choosing the implant have included relying on measurements, trial implants, and ‘sizers’ that simulate breast implant size.  These techniques are still used but such approaches often still don’t allow patients to visualise the expected outcome.

Thankfully, digital imaging technology used by Re. Plastic Surgery has taken much of the guesswork and uncertainty out of the planning and consultation process. The patented Vectra 3D Imaging System addresses the concerns patients have with understanding what their breasts will look like after surgery. This three-dimensional simulation predicts and demonstrates implant size and shape outcome with precision, and in a more realistic way than conventional methods. Patients are even able to access their images at home, to show friends or family for added reassurance.  Since using the 3D simulations we have personally found that patients are much more comfortable & informed with their decisions

So far, the results are telling. Based on patient feedback, almost all women who underwent three-dimensional simulation prior to breast augmentation felt that it helped them with their decision.

For a complete understanding of what to expect from your procedure, book a consultation with the Vectra 3D Imaging experts, plastic surgeons Dr Richard Bloom and Dr Kim Taylor.  Call 03 8840 0000 or visit Re. Plastic Surgery at Level 3, 36 Jackson Street, Toorak, VIC.