This is the most important part of the consultation process. There are a number of factors that impact on how I choose an implant size. Firstly, you need to know what are your surgical goals. Do you want to be as natural as possible, or as big as possible? The next factor to consider are your existing breasts and what the quality of the soft tissues are like. The final factor I consider are the actual dimensions of the breast, how wide and how tall the breast is, and the distance between the inframammary fold and your nipple, and how much that will stretch, as well as the general proportions of your chest and torso.

Once I’ve taken all of these factors into consideration, I will then present you with a number of options of breast implants that would be suitable for the size and shape you wish to achieve. We also use a 3D Vectra imaging system to give you a simulation of what this might look like.