Drop and fluff is a real and important part of breast augmentation recovery. Initially, particularly with a dual plane implant, you’ll notice in the first few weeks that your implants sit in a high position on your breast. This is commonly referred to as the “Frankenboob” look, and it’s totally normal. It’s caused by the tightening of the muscle over the implant. Drop and fluff is where the skin covering the implants stretches and the muscles begin to relax. As this happens, the implant will gradually drop into the lower pole of the breast. The drop is followed by the fluff, which involves the implant filling out the lower breast to fill out the breast shape below the nipple. The important thing to remember is that this process takes time and the results will not be immediate, so don’t worry if your breasts aren’t sitting perfectly at the start.

Be patient with your recovery and with time your breasts will take on their natural shape. On average, I’d say it takes up to three months to get your final result. Of course everyone is different and the timing of the drop and fluff can vary from person to person, and the breast shape will continue to improve to up to six months. By this stage, the implants also start to feel softer and more part of your natural breast. The other important thing to remember is that for many women, one breast may drop quicker than the other. This is no reason for concern. Breasts are almost never symmetric. Therefore, the breast with more space allows the breast implant to drop faster, but the other one will gradually fall and follow suit.