This is something we really pride ourselves on here at Re. You’ll be visited in the hospital by your surgeon prior to your discharge. Our nurse will then follow up with a phone call in the days after you go home, and then you’ll be seen in about one week, and then in around two weeks by your surgeon.

Your next appointment should be at six weeks followed by your complementary laser treatments to your scars at weeks 8 and 12, and then another check with your surgeon at around 16 weeks. Usually then, there’s a final check at around six to nine months.

If at any stage during your recovery you have any concerns, and our office is always available even after hours. Kim and I are available via our mobile phones. Our preference is always that you run any concerns through us rather than through your local doctor, and we’ll always be available. We take a lot of pride in the way we support our patients from their preoperative care intraoperatively, and then, of course, postoperatively.