Plastic Surgery Hot Topics

Dr Richard Bloom talks about the hot topics in the world of plastic surgery in Australia and globally. From Brazilian butt lifts to ALCL and breast implant illness, he covers what you need to know if you’re considering a plastic surgery procedure.

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Breast Augmentation Consultation – Behind the Scenes

Dr Richard Bloom takes you through a breast augmentation consultation to understand some of the options available when you book your own consultation at Re. Plastic Surgery.

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Video Breast Augmentation Consultation Behind The Scenes

Breast Reduction Consultation

Dr Richard Bloom takes you through a typical breast reduction consultation. Covering things like correcting asymmetry, position of breast fold…

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Video Breast Reduction Consultation

Tummy Tuck Consultation

For many women no matter how much exercise you do, how many sit-ups, or how many Pilates classes, you can’t lose your belly. Or the backaches. A Tummy Tuck can help you get back your waistline.

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Video Tummy Tuck Consultation

The Best Way to Look at a Before & After

Discover a new way to view and compare before and after photos for specific plastic surgery procedures at Re. Plastic Surgery…

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Video The Best Way To Look At A Before After

What an Operating Theatre Looks Like

Dr Richard Bloom gives a quick tour of what an operating theatre looks like and the various equipment used when operating on patients.

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Video What An Operating Theatre Looks Like

Not All Surgeons are Surgeons

One of the most common questions we get asked is what is the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a “cosmetic surgeon”.

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Video Not All Surgeons Are Surgeons

All You Need to Know About Breast Implants

Dr Richard Bloom goes through the differences between round or anatomical/teardrop breast implants…

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Video All You Need To Know About Breast Implants

FAQ’s on Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr Richard Bloom answers the five most frequent questions we get asked at Re. Plastic Surgery about breast reduction surgery…

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Video Faqs On Breast Reduction Surgery

Excellence in Plastic Surgery

Excellence in plastic surgery is more than just technical knowledge and expertise. In this video, Dr Richard Bloom goes through some of the key factors that contribute to excellence in plastic surgery…

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Video Excellence In Plastic Surgery